Dried Sands

Southern Pacific Sands has a diverse range of dried silica sand products to meet a variety of specifications and product gradings. Our dried sand products are used across many industries throughout Brisbane, South-East Queensland (SEQ) and can be delivered throughout Australia.

All of our kiln dried sand products are processed utilising a vibrating screener or trommell to meet the required specifications. Due to this process Southern Pacific Sands has the ability to meet our client’s product requirements.

Having supplied over 500,000 tonnes to the dried sand industry, Southern Pacific Sands has the capacity and experience to supply your needs.

Due to the range of dried sand products produced and the variety of uses for these products, stringent quality control processes are implemented. These processes are critical in assuring the highest quality and customer satisfaction is reached.

Foundry Sand

Foundry Sand
  • Southern Pacific Sands is a market leader for supply and delivery of dried Foundry Sand.
  • Used in the casting process, this fine dried sand is comprised of a grading range of 150micron to 425micron.

Synthetic Grass Sand

Sports Sand
  • Fine dried graded sand designed to rub into synthetic grass and tennis court playing surfaces holding them firmly in place.
  • Also suited to home installation of synthetic grass

Dried Medium Sand

  • DMS1000 is our medium grade dried sand with all particles above 1mm removed. Commonly used in bagged render, adhesives or self leveling compounds.

Filter Sand

  • Southern Pacific Sands is a wholesale filter sand supplier to pool shops throughout Brisbane, South-East Queensland (SEQ) and NSW. Typically delivered in 20kg bags on a pallet, we also have the ability to supply in bulka bags if required.
  • From residential pool filtration through to Olympic size aquatic centres and more, Southern Pacific Sands has your filtration needs covered.

Railway Grit

Railway Locomotive
  • Due to the high silica content and hardness of our sand, Southern Pacific Sands is able to produce a unique Railway Grit sand utilised for tractive purposes in the rail industry. Delivered in pressurised tankers and pumped into silos.

All dried sands can be supplied in the following form:

  • 20kg bags on a pallet, 64 bags standard.
  • 1 tonne or 1.5 tonne bulka bags.
  • Truck and dog (30t approx)
  • Special bulk tanker delivery. Our experienced team can provide a specialty service of being able to pump the sand directly into the required storage silo or filtration unit.